Deep Deep Pink Sessions

by Decades

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Recorded by Decades/ mixed and mastered by John Krohn and Matt Waterman at Deep Deep Pink Recording Studio in Lansing, Michigan.


released May 14, 2013

Matt Waterman - Lead vocals, guitar
Damon Depew - Drums, vocals
Isaac Sprague - Bass, vocals, guitar/keys on "Tear You Up"
Alex Krausman - Keyboards on "Grand Haven"



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Decades Lansing, Michigan

Decades are what happens when three kids who grew up on punk, ska, and metal discover the smooth music of the 70’s and 80’s, and the alternative radio rock of the 90’s. Though the band still embrace their roots, it was their mutual interest in the great pop songwriters and lyricists of the last 5 decades that formed Decades. ... more

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Track Name: Tear You Up
we grew up in the arms of the west end, now we’ve got a story to tell/ find it hard to believe me/ when i pound on the vanity table and i’m crying for help/ i’ve seen a million others drop dead in the heat/ from burt highway to cherry street/ so honey, climb in/ there’s still rubber to spin/ i’ve got a box of franzia i can plan my escape next week/ and i’ll tear you up/ well we rolled around on top of my Lincoln ’til you had my blood on your shirt/ was it hard to forget that/ if you’ve got something to say to me now you better hope that it works/ and when the tattered neon lights up your eyes/ i’ll pray to god for one more try/ but it all burns out/ once you know where you’re at/ i can keep my mouth shut if you don’t wanna be hurt like that/ near the football field in a bonfire blaze all the kids melt bottles down into ashtrays/ and in cars that were made when we were in first grade all the hickies swim up to the surface through jet black veins/ is it wrong/ to drown all of these people i’ve met with my sweat when i’m just trying to move on/ will it even get me that farther ahead/ cause in the next six weeks I’ll make fourty-two plans/ when i leave town they will all boil down to just eating whatever and fucking whoever i can/ when i come home you’ll understand
Track Name: Grand Haven
feet are scraping by the water/ smell the smoke the sickly darkness/ you an ever kissing daughter/ energy i could not harness here or anywhere/ water vapor grips your ankles/ legs unshaven like a cactus/ we could let our lives untangle but it’s going to take some practice/ backs against that dying lighthouse/ singing songs about each other/ looking down the barrel of another unforgiving summer/ i can’t seem to get off that fence/ remembering the heads and the hearts you bent/ paying for a change that we underwent/ hoping for a moment that i’ll never get/ and i know, and i know we’re never gonna leave and come back alone/ hello grand haven/ drowning in the white-hot spotlights of our dead-end conversations/ always just an inch behind the peace of mind that i’ve been chasing/ worn out from the beer we smuggled/ hoping for some kind of breakthrough/ listening to your rebuttal to the promises i made you here or anywhere
Track Name: Come In
if you’re after him with no place left to hide/ come in, don’t stop to wonder why/ such a lonely view but beautiful from here tonight/ come in, don’t stop to wonder why/ i’m waking up and driving home with your head against my lap/ i never thought that you would know about my fingers on your back/ but if presented with his touch would you give me up/ well i know/ i’m pouring something beautiful down the front of your red dress/ i’ve got a boy for you to kill and a man for you to try/ i can feel it in your breath/ you’d have never guessed but i know/ if i left the porchlight on would you come undone/ well i know/ welcome back/ i knew that i had enough here waiting for you to make you crack/ are you listening/ body glistening/ i finally found you out/ nothing hurts, nothing happens when you’ve got your hands on/ the people you can still let go of after all that you’ve done/ i’m waking up and driving home with your head against my lap/ feels great to know that you’ll always be coming back/ after everything is gone/ and you think you’re done fooling everyone that i know
Track Name: Joann
Worn out from pulling weeds
Out from the cracks inside her skull
She's an important freak
She's tired of moving out
Every four months to somewhere worse
She takes another bite from the boy of the week


Your mouth is boarded up
Her body kinder and cleaner
Than you had ever imagined
The room is filling up
With high school heroes and thugs
You're not a fan but Joann is
Behind her perfumed skin
Pulls back one more mournful grin
Welcomes all the half-dead men and lukewarm gin
That help her redefine regret
And she ran from that house with a kiss on her neck
Smelled like an angel when you found her crying on the steps
Who would have guessed
Your heads on fire 'cause you're the only one left for Joann


Making the most of the violence
And the silence
And the streetlights crying on your car
And the fact that you're not drunk yet
And the one to one talk that you know you'll have on the way back to
your apartment
And the fact that you bought that movie she says she loves
And the drugs somebody gave her that make her think nobody cares
about her but you
Oh, poor Joann

Young fear lives in the air
The hormones float in your lungs
But her song's already been sung
And in the morning when she leaves to slam some sham with a
grand am
You watch the time you spent deflate
And pray to god that you could hate Joann

Track Name: King and Queen
Rewind, 1998
Played in the basement while your parents drank
February throwing light away
Upstairs I turned down the lamp
Played your CD's in your room and watched you and your sister dance
Second hand smoke coming down my throat and back up as I laugh

Back before we didn't take advice
Back before our spirits weren't so tender
You think I wouldn't remember

King and Queen
Feet in the grass heads in a back yard dream
The memory is wiped off clean

What I know for sure is that time turns all luck around and around
And it wore your parents out
Spent that night crying with your face in the couch
You gave those high school nights away like everybody does
To the people that you thought you wanted
And you wonder how your hollow heart got so haunted

King and Queen
Of places where we'd never want to be
The money spent at seventeen and on me
The memory is wiped off clean

Alcohol dried up your mother
Give that thought sunlight and water
Makes you wonder why you even bother
Watching TV getting high
Telling me how hard you tried
Making memories of barely getting by we are the

King and Queen
The ones who no one ever got to see
Just sitting 'round a rotted dream
Lean on me
The simple life can be so mean
The memory is wiped off clean
Track Name: Popping Veins
Popping the veins in my neck I surrendered
Back to you
I think about it I mostly remember
Black and blue
Built up a life inside my head but took a look on the outside
And relived that sin
Since I'm too tired to listen in

You are a fist full or Ritalin taking my virginity
I vomit
I am the timid but upgraded version of me
I promise
The Sunday aftermath is begging me to fade out and slip by inside a
coward's skin

Yeah, you were naked
Just like you planned it
I know you hadn't planned on burning me out
But I just take it
I french inhale it
Breathe out a story of you bringing me down

Being alone is the meaning of freedom
Believe me
I only love those unable to see me in the end

The spirit of October took me over, hardened my inside
And that won't change again

Yeah, you were naked
Just like you planned it
I know you hadn't planned on burning me out
But I just take it
I french inhale it
Breathe out a story of you bringing me down

If I could find my own way out
I would have done it by now

I would have
Quit growing up
Just like you planned it
I know you hadn't planned on burning me out
But I just take it
I french inhale it
Breathe out a story of you bringing me down
Track Name: Piling It On
i spent the summertime/ fighting my wandering eyes/ biting on my tongue to pass the afternoons/ make-up shower sex/ thinking ‘bout what came next/ in an empty house the night before you moved/ wouldn’t take that much to put the blame on me now/ i woke up Christmas eve/ tired of waking up/ with a rotted hand still sleeping on your hip/ you said you never felt a rush like that/ you never felt a place so warm/ wouldn’t take that much to kill you in my grip/ but it all amounts to just a couple kids now/ touching you weather we live or die/ now that we’ve been away for so long/ i know you’re smiling but you wont see mine/ i never meant to take it that far/ keep piling it on/ keep piling it on until we’ve moved on/ I got a little bit after all/ had a little too much too soon/ didn’t take that much to put the blame on you/ i’m a little bit older now/ holding this weight wore my shoulders out/ and it feels so good to finally put it down now/ keep piling it on, keep driving away/ when everything decays/ keep piling it on